10 Simple Ideas for Self-Care

If I could look back and change one thing about the past year, it would be the amount of self-care I incorporated. Before I truly delved into self-care, I didn’t make it a priority for myself. I didn’t think I had time to do elaborate spa days and purchase all the necessary ‘popular’ self care items. Little did I know, I was wrong about quite a few things, which ultimately hindered me from participating in self-care sooner.

A few of the common misconceptions about self-care is that it has to be elaborate, Instagram worthy, and has to cost you money. Although I fully admit some of the self-care activities I do enjoy fall into one or more of those categories, a majority of the self-care activities I participate in are neither of those things!

The best part about self-care is that it is to PRESERVE and IMPROVE your overall health and well-being, meaning it is an activity that YOU personally enjoy. If it makes you feel better and improves your ability to function, there’s no one to say it isn’t self care.

I absolutely love when I see people participating in self-care! It makes it seem like theres a whole bunch of people working on themselves for the better! However, I don’t like the idea of perpetuating a self-care culture that is exclusionary based on what social media deems as popular self-care activities. Self-care is for everyone, and below you’ll find a list of ten simple ideas for self-care that is for every person, budget and level of functioning.


Yes! Exercising is a form of self-care if moving your body is something of value to you! Exercise can be performed in any setting, such as a gym, your house, your backyard, a park, etc. Going out for a walk, going swimming or even busting out a sweat-drenching workout at the gym can all be self-care (And last time I checked, going out for a walk is free!). If you’re like me and don’t exactly like conventional cardio exercises, you can check out my previous post How You Can Make Cardio Less Hard-io to find simple ways to get active today!

Taking a bath or shower

Self-care is about preservation and improving, and this can be a simple technique to add comfort to your life. I have done this many times after having a bad day, or when I feel like I need to unwind and relax! Crank the water up to warm, put on some tunes/start a show on your computer or tablet and just m e l t. I’m also a huge fan of littering my bathroom with every candle I can find (ambience, am I right?) but you can just stick to a simple bath or shower and it 100% has the same effect!

Watch your favourite movie/read your favourite book

Take the time and sit down and disappear into another world for an hour or so. Rereading your ultimate favourite book or watching a feel-good movie can be incredibly relaxing! If you have minimal time, maybe it’s your favourite show or just a few chapters. Being able to let go of the current moment and distract yourself for a little while will help to refresh you and re-align your thinking. You just need a break sometimes, so definitely take it!

Go out and purchase yourself a treat you’ve been saving up for

The ultimate reward of saving up your hard-earned money is getting yourself a treat! Whether this is a specialty coffee beverage you’ve been dreaming of or a new shirt you’ve been wanting, go out and treat yourself to one thing! Even when we’re budgeting and repaying debt we have to be realistic and allow flexibility, as a rigid budget can make us feel trapped and lead to splurging!

Donate 5 things you no longer use

When people suggest cleaning out your closet and or house, it’s hard to conceptualize what that may look like. No one realistically wants to donate all of their things, but picking 5 things you honestly don’t use anymore can be refreshing! Not only does it declutter your space, you’re also going to be donating the item to someone who can really use it!

Just sit and do nothing

Curl up on the couch in some comfy clothes, with a blanket (and potentially a pet) and just veg! Turn on the TV if you like, read a book, have a warm beverage close. Take the time and just rest and recharge! Often we’re busy and feel overwhelmed with the go-go-go, but this allows you to just sit and enjoy the moment without feeling like you have to get up and do anything!

Plan an outing with a friend

Whether it’s lunch, a walk in the park, coffee, a movie, etc. Go out and do something FUN! Sometimes just getting out of the house and spending it with someone is a nice way to reset and recharge. Catch up with a friend and make an adventure out of it. If you’re in a time crunch, run errands together or make sure you’re completing a to-do list task! Regardless, having company can be comforting even if it’s just for a couple of hours!

Cook yourself an amazing meal

Dig out your old recipes or find a new one to try and just immerse yourself in the kitchen! Get lost in the process of preparing the ingredients and watching the dish come alive! Experiment with old recipes or just go out on a limb and try something brand new! Set a place for yourself at the table and sit down to enjoy it. Take the time to prepare, cook, and EAT.

Watch a sunset/sunrise

There is nothing I love more than waking up before the sun so I can watch it peak out over the horizon! Set your alarm or make a note of when the sun is supposed to set and prepare yourself! Find a spot you can really take it in, uninterrupted, and enjoy the beauty as the sky changes from minute to minute as the day breaks or closes. Feel the warm sun on your face and just embrace it.

Plan your week

One of my personal favourite tasks! Every Sunday I sit with my planner and prep the next week! If you are a fan of organization (and colour coding like myself) then you will love just taking a few minutes to yourself and making plans for the week! Finding a spot for each task gives me the peace of mind that I will be able to complete my weekly to-do list. Making and breaking down my weekly to-do list makes my tasks seem more achievable, and assures me that I have a plan in place!


These are just some of the self-care things I incorporate into my day-to-day life! There are HUNDREDS of things you can do for self-care! This list is a simple list of ways you can incorporate easy, non-time consuming tasks into your day-to-day lives to start the self-care ball rolling. One size does not fit all and I encourage you to find self-care ideas that make you feel like you are improving or preserving yourself. If this article resonated with you and you enjoy the idea of daily self-care, you may like my post How YOU Can Easily Make Self-Care a Lifestyle!

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9 thoughts on “10 Simple Ideas for Self-Care

  1. Self care is so important! Having Fivromyalgia it is something I have to do but often have a hard time doing. I love these ideas! It makes me so happy that you wrote this post 💕


  2. I love to exercise and I find it so therapeutic. I don’t have as much time as I used to for self-care since having my baby (15 months old now lol!) but I still try to get out for long walks or swimming with him when I can.
    Anything that helps relax and rejuvenate is so important.

    Liked by 1 person

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