About Me


Hi! My name is Cynthia and I’m 24 years old. I started this blog to pursue my passions for writing, health and wellness, and leading a fulfilling life. I wanted to stop the cycle of wanting and wishing without doing. I am starting to believe the power behind the saying of “there is no time like the present,” so, here I am! This blog is something I have dreamed of starting and I am so excited to see it come to life!

I have recently started on this journey to improve my lifestyle through simple everyday changes in routine and mindset. The power of incorporating simple habits into my daily life has already changed my perception and well-being, yet the journey is not over (it’s actually just begun).

I am taking a deeper look at the areas of my life that are important for my health and well-being, such as fitness, food, self-care, stress relief, financial stability, meaningful relationships and nature. I am passionate about these aspects of my life and how they directly contribute to overall well-being.

I’m continuously exploring new ways to enhance my journey to wellness and hoping to inspire others along the way! If you want to join me on my journey or simply stay updated with what I’m doing, I would love if you subscribed!

I’m looking forward to this journey, hope you are as well!